Make a Lasting Impression with our Healthy and Practical Christmas Hamper. Our Christmas Hampers are dedicatedly designed with Branded and High Quality products to express your warm gesture & kind thoughts. Our Mission is to create JOY and SATISFACTION for the Sender and Receiver.

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Christmas Hamper C200 - RM200

1. 1 Silver Plated Tray-30cm(w)x41cm(L)
2. Prinz Sparkling Grape Juice-750ml
3. Bravo Muruku-400gm
4. IKO Coconut Butter Cookies-108gm
5. IKO Fresh Butter Cookies-108gm
6. London Roll–Blueberry Cake-120gm
7. Luxury Calcium Crackers-177gm
8. D’Kampung Coconut Cookies-50gm
9. FMF Tapioca Stick-50gm
10. FMF Toffee Candy-60gm
11. Oriental Cheese Ball-80gm
12. Julie’s Stereo Biscuit-160gm
13. Oriental Prawn Cracker-80gm
14. Lychee in Syrup-565gm
15. Christmas Greeting Card
16. Elegant Packaging with Organza Ribbons
17. Prompt Delivery


Christmas Hamper C250 - RM250

1. 1pc La Vie Hand Painted Footed Cake Plate 30cm
2. Prinz Sparkling Grape Juice-750ml
3. Cadbury Charmers-200gm
4. IKO Sesame Calcium Cracker-178gm
5. Bravo Muruku-400gm
6. Ano Pineapple Cookies -220gm
7. IKO Oat Calcium Cracker-178gm
8. IKO Multi Grain Cracker-178gm
9. Munchy’s Muzic Wafer Cubes-200gm
10. IKO Coconut Butter Cookies-108gm
11. IKO Fresh Butter Cookies-108gm
12. Julie’s Waferico-150gm
13. D’Kampung Coconut Cookies-50gm
14. FMF Toffee Candy-60gm
15. Oriental Cheese Ball-80gm
16. Oriental Prawn Cracker-80gm
17. Lychee in Syrup-565gm
18. Christmas Greeting Card
19. Elegant Packaging with Organza Ribbons
20. Prompt Delivery


Christmas Hamper C350 - RM350

1. 1 pc Borcam 2.8L Rectangular Casserole with Cover (Made in Turkey)
2. Prinz Sparkling Grape Juice-750ml
3. Old Town White Coffee-600gm
4. Cadbury Charmers-200gm
5. Cadbury Zip Gift Pack-228gm
6. IKO Sesame Calcium Cracker-178gm
7. Bravo Muruku-400gm
8. Ano Pineapple Cookies -220gm
9. IKO Pumpkin Oat Cracker-178gm
10. Munchy’s Muzic Wafer Cubes-200gm
11. IKO Muesli Cracker-178gm
12. IKO Coconut Butter Cookies-108gm
13. IKO Fresh Butter Cookies-108gm
14. D’Kampung Coconut Cookies-50gm
15. FMF Tapioca Stick-50gm
16. Luxury Calcium Crackers-177gm
17. FMF Toffee Candy-60gm
18. Oriental Cheese Ball-80gm
19. Julie’s Stereo Biscuit-160gm
20. Oriental Prawn Cracker-80gm
21. Lychee in Syrup-565gm
22. Christmas Greeting Card
23. Elegant Packaging with Organza Ribbons
24. Prompt Delivery


Christmas Hamper C500 - RM500

1. 1 pc Cristal D’arques Paris PREMIO Vase 20cm Genuine Lead Crystal 24% Pbo
2. 1 pc Borcam 2.8L Rectangular Casserole with Cover (Made in Turkey)
3. Prinz Sparkling Grape Juice-750ml
4. Old Town White Coffee-600gm
5. Julie’s Cheese Biscuits w/container-300gm
6. Cadbury Charmers-200gm
7. Cadbury Zip Gift Pack-228gm
8. IKO Sesame Calcium Cracker-178gm
9. Bravo Muruku-400gm
10. Ano Pineapple Cookies -220gm
11. IKO Oat Calcium Cracker-178gm
12. Munchy’s Romeo Biscuit-200gm
13. IKO Pumpkin Oat Cracker-178gm
14. IKO Multi Grain Cracker-178gm
15. Munchy’s Muzic Wafer Cubes-200gm
16. IKO Muesli Cracker-178gm
17. IKO Coconut Butter Cookies-108gm
18. IKO Fresh Butter Cookies-108gm
19. Julie’s Waferico-150gm
20. Jacob’s Wheat Crackers-800gm
21. D’Kampung Coconut Cookies-50gm
22. FMF Tapioca Stick-50gm
23. FMF Toffee Candy-60gm
24. Oriental Cheese Ball-80gm
25. Lychee in Syrup-565gm
26. Christmas Greeting Card
27. Elegant Packaging with Organza Ribbons
28. Prompt Delivery


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